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Parblo A610 Pro 2020 Review By Razaras


Hey, everyone!

 Parblo sent me the new graphics tablet A610 Pro to try it out, and I found it was perfect with amazing cheap price!

 Parblo A610 Pro comes with 10" X 6.25" working area, support Android OS, ±60° tilt function tilt brush effect, 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, a battery-free stylus with extra 8 x pens nibs.

Nowadays you can get all the features at a price of $79.99!


Introducing New Parblo A610 Pro


You can check it for more information and purchase it here: 


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• 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity bring up the exquisite lines for painting

• Wireless and battery-free stylus helps your work remarkable and efficient

• Fully laminated front with 10*6" considerable work area

• ± 60 ° tilt function achieve smoother and delicate lines

• Advanced USB type-c connection

• One dial ring and eight customized express keys emancipate your creation

• Support Windows/macOS/Android operating system

• Compatible with a variety of painting software, such as Photoshop, SAI, Painter, 

   Illustrator, Clip Studio, Krita, and other drawing software, suitable for graphic design, 

   art creation, animation production, and electronic illustrations.


The things that come in the box are:

  • Parblo A610 Pro working area 10” x 6.25”

  • Quick start guide

  • Battery-Free Pen

  • Pen stand with pen nibs x 8

  • Cleaning cloth

  • Artist glove

  • USB A to USB C adapter

  • USB A to micro USB adapter

  • Data cable USB-A to USB-C

  • Sticker Parblo


 I like it! It’s little things look so cute.


 The quality of all accessories made with high-quality material that very impressed me. The pen and pen-stand come with solid material and looking great. The pen has a huge matte rubber grip that has two buttons that you can customize for the shortcut by using the driver. The pen’s size is comfortable to use and gives a natural feel when you draw it.


The pen supports up to 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity and supports the ± 60 ° tilt function.


The pen stand has secrets. You can open it and find the 8 replacement nibs here, and the nib remover is under the pen stand.


The Parblo A610 Pro has a large working area. 10” x 6.25” is a good size for work.

The aspect ratio is 16:10 but it, not a problem. 16:10 doesn't differ too much from 16:9.  

Everything feels very natural when moving the stylus over the surface. It gives the sense that you’re in control at all times, which is definitely a good thing for non-display drawing tablets.


The 8 physical shortcut buttons are customizable using driver. You can use it both side (Right-handed and Left-handed). The scroll wheel comes with the button you can use it for zoom in-out, More functions can be additionally assigned to the wheel.


Installation and set-up were easy for me. You can download it directly for both Windows and Mac OS, from the Parblo website. It supports all drawing software Photoshop, Clip Studio, Sai, etc. (I used Adobe Photoshop on Windows10). If you have any questions about the software compatibility, you can contact the Parblo customer support.



 Everything about the Parblo A610 Pro tablet is glorious. The 8 shortcut buttons are easy to press and easy to program on your computer. The wheel functions are superb and helpful. The stylus has its own buttons and comfortable to hold. It’s battery-free so the pen is lightweight and pressure sensitivity is fantastic. The 8,192 levels and 60-degree tilt support for this price are unbelievable for me!


Again,  you can get all the features at a price of $79.99!!

You can check it for more information and purchase it here: 


**** Using to code “ RAZARAS “ to get an extra 5% off on Parblo Tablets and Monitors ****

Parblo Review.jpg

I made this for testing the features of Parblo A610 Pro ^ ^

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