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Huion Inspiroy H580X Review By Razaras


Huion Inspiroy H580X is a pen tablet that debuted in the year of Huion's 10th-anniversary celebration, there are 3 models (H610X, H580X, and H420X). I am honored, and thanks Huion for sending the H580X to me to try it out.


 Huion Inspiroy H580X is an interesting pen tablet at a very good price, with excellent features, which a perfect for a mid-sized pen tablet. So, here we go with this!


You can check it for more information and purchase it here

Huion Official Store:

Huion Inspiroy H580X Details:

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Color: Black

Dimensions:  276.7 x 170.6 x 8mm

Workspace:   8x5 inch/ 203.2 x 127mm

Net Weight: 343g

Digital Pen: PW100

Pen Technology: Battery-Free

Pen Resolution: 5,080 LPI

Pressure sensitivity: 8,192 levels

Press Keys:  8 Programmable Press Keys

Tilt Function:  +-60 Degrees

Interface:  USB-C


First impression

  Huion Inspiroy H580X, come with the white box and “Leon” Huion Mascot character. The box has a model of the pen clearly displayed. with product details at the back of the product box.


The things that come in the box are:

The things that come in the box are:

Huion Inspiroy H580X 

Battery-free pen model PW100

Pen holder (spare 8 pen nibs inside)

USB-C to USB-A cable, USB-A to USB-C/ USB-A to Type B (For use with compatible phone or tablet)

Quick start guide

 Overall looks good only at $49.99 It’s perfect for beginner-medium artist to use.


Working Area and Pen support

 Standard features (touch not support) with an 8 x 5-inch working area compatible, pen sensitive 8,192 levels, and tilt +-60 degrees are working well for me. The size and weight are perfect to be easily carried to work outside the home.

 It’s a slim tablet, the color and material have good quality. The back of the tablet has matt material and 4 rubber feet to stable working on your desk.

 All 8 side buttons can be programmable and they are set to the default working well (you can set new press keys on the Huion tablet software)


A battery-free pen is giving a good feeling when hold in your hand. 8,192 levels are always working well while drawing. The pen buttons can be programable too. By default set for “Eraser” and “Right Click”. That’s always useful for me.

A pen holder still holds a pen with stability on the desk and inside includes 8 spare nibs that will make sure you can use the pen long time (up to your hard pressure).


The USB-C and type B dongle for plugging in your Android Tablet/ Phone by using the Huion sketch free app on Play Store:


Installation Driver & Setting

You can download the driver on Huion’s website here:

 Before connecting with your PC, you need to uninstall previous any tablet software driver for the best setup. The interface of Huion software looks clear and easier to use. It’s detected automatically. You can change the pen pressure, re-assign the press keys functions, mapping the tablet with your monitor screen.


Testing & Experience

 The Huion Inspiroy H580X is compatible with all software drawing eg. Photoshop, Clip Studio, Sai, etc. I used Adobe Photoshop and it’s working very well for me.

First, try with my setting line and doodle here.


A Moving, handling is smooth and responds precisely to expected pressure. The ‘Paper-like surface’ gives a good feeling while drawing. 

 Using it during the day doesn't make you feel any pain in your wrist/hand. The design of the product has a lot of attention to detail and functionality, I love it! In my personal opinion, I'm a big fan of bigger workspaces. But the working area of the H580X is not too small either. The shortcut press keys are very useful (for me, I tend to use the keyboard shortcuts).


About the Huion Sketch app. It’s so easy to use! Just connect your USB-A to C with a dongle then connect with your Android phone/tablet and It’s ready to use! It feels quite satisfying to use.


  After a week to try it out, I’m impressed and satisfied with Huion Inspiroy H580X so much.

  The features are great for creating art, There are so many great things about this drawing tablet eg. slim and weight sizing, compact design, 8,192 level-sensitive pen pressure, and 60 degrees tilt support.

 If you are on a budget or you are new to digital art. I would recommend Huion Inspiroy H580X to you. It's an interesting entry-level drawing tablet at $49.99!


You can check it for more information and purchase it here

Huion Official Store:

Huion Inspiroy H580X Details:

Buy Huion Inspiroy H580X :

My Room No.13 By Razaras 

Painting on Huion Inspiroy H580X

My Room-13 x HuionH580X_By Razaras-1280.jpg
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