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Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium Bundle (SE)
Review By Razaras


The Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium Bundle SE comes in Nebula White to provide artists with a choice that matches their unique style.


 Last year I reviewed the black one and I found it’s one of perfection pen tablets with functions that are great, premium looks and feels.

  The overall features of the two models (Medium Bundle and Medium Bundle SE) are the same, except that the colors are different. So, this review is the same with the black on the drawing performance and overall features section.


The Xenclabs Pen Tablet Bundle SE (White) is $379.99!

You can see more information and buy it on

Xencelabs official website:


Purchase it here:





First Impression

  The Xencelabs Medium Bundle SE is packaged in a huge box. The seal arrived safely wrapped. The model name of the pen tablet is shown on the front. The back of the box contains details and features, as well as illustrations of the item within.



 Open the box and you'll find a thank you note from the Xencelabs team, a drawing tablet, a pen's box, a quick keys remote, a user manual in many languages, USB cables, drawing gloves, and what I really like is a fabric sleeve for storing a pen tablet. Can be easily carried for outdoor use.


The things that come in the box are:

  • Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium SE (Nebula White)

  • Xencelabs Quick Keys

  • 3 Buttons Pen

  • 2 Buttons Thin Pen

  • Pen Case

  • Dongle USB-A to USB-C

  • 2 x cable L  shape USB-A to USB-C

  • 10 Nibs replacement (6 Standard hard nibs and 4 felt nibs)

  • Nib remover

  • Artist Glove

  • Wireless adapter

  • Pen tablet carrying case

  • Quick Start Guide / Thank You Card

  • Sticker Xencelabs


Design and build quality

  All the same! I am very impressed with the premium materials and design of the Xencelabs SE. The textures on every device are very good.

 Nebula White feels very luxurious and premium. The assembly work is as strong and attractive. This’s different from other pen tablets on the market.


The Tablet

 The tablet has an ergonomic design with a curved seamless palm rest of only

5 mm thinness on the front edge, delivering a comfortable and natural drawing experience. The active area is 10.33 x 5.8 inches with a 16:9 aspect ratio.


The surface is slightly matte. There are led lights in the four corners of the board that you can change color. The body is only 8 mm thin, the top has a USB-C connector and a switch for wireless, and the Nano Lock.


It can be used wirelessly for up to 16 hours per charge. The charging time is about 2 and a half hours.


  Wireless functionality for both the tablet and the quick keys remote is easy just plugging the wireless dongle into your computer or laptop. If there is no USB-A port, you can use the included USB-A to USB-C adapter in the box. But the tablet and quick keys remote need to be charged first.

  To charge the tablet and quick keys remote, just leave the USB plugged in like a smartphone. But the amount of battery must be viewed through the Xencelabs program only.


The Pens

 The pen storage box uses high-quality materials to give a premium feel. I really like the Nebula white, because they look unique!

 Xencelabs comes in two different pen sizes, so you can choose according to your preferences: a “Thin pen” and the familiar “3 buttons pen”, a large pen. No batteries are required It supports 8,192 levels of pressure and can be tilted at 60 degrees as standard pen tablets.


Inside the pen storage box, there are 10 replacement pen nibs, 6 normal plastic nibs, and 4 nibs that provide a pencil-like drawing feel. You can use the included ring to pull the nibs to change the new one.


 Quick keys Remote


 Quick keys Remote has a black and white OLED screen, and commands are clearly visible. Comfortable to hold with a premium feel and strong assembly work. 

 There is a 2-year warranty. You can set more than 40 hotkeys (8 hotkeys, 5 modes). We can change the mode by pressing the button in the middle of the dial ring and the color around the dial ring will change according to the mode we choose. 

 There is a button to change the command set that can be set for another 5 profiles. At the bottom of the remote, there is an on-off switch for a wireless connection, it lasts up to 53 hours on a charge of approximately 1.5 hours.


 Keyboard shortcuts can be set through the Xencelabs program, which can be set both vertically and horizontally. according to our usage style.

Screenshot 2022-07-11 040900.jpg

Xencelabs's software


  The Xencelabs software has an easy-to-understand UI. It's not as difficult to use as you might think. To install it, you can download the drivers from the website. 

Supports Mac OS, Windows, and Linux systems.


  When we open the program, we will see all the devices connected to Xencelabs, the amount of battery of the tablet, and the Quick Keys Remote.


  We can add the desired program by selecting the + sign on the top right. 

Personally, I only use photoshop (the software supports all programs both 2D and 3D). You can set the buttons on top of the tablet. including the color of the LEDs on the tablet too.


  Both pens have separate pressure settings, an eraser button, and a standard button on the pen body, with the thin pen having 2 buttons and the 3 button pen having 3 buttons.


  Quick Keys Remote can choose to set up a profile. Can be detailed and has a lot of shortcut keys to set up. 

 From trying it for a while, it was found that If it's been used for a long time and if you can remember the remote pattern you might not have to press the keyboard shortcuts ever!


Usability and Performance


  After about a week of use, the overall build quality is fantastic and the design looks great too. There's attention to detail and there's a curved area to rest your palm. It can still write as well as it should be. (If switching to a matte nib should be better)

  What has clearly been felt at the bottom of the tablet is that the rounded design really works! It helps not to have a lot of wrist pain when used continuously for a long time.


  The workspace is standard with a medium-sized 10 x 6-inch pen tablet, which is good enough for usability, and the Quick keys remote makes work a lot more fun and convenient (If you use it until you remember the pattern you set).



   In the end, I prefer this Xencelabs Medium Bundle SE. The price is also considered similar to the Wacom medium range (Xencelabs Medium Bundle SE price is $379.99) There aren't many white color pen tablets on the market so this color is a selling point. 

  If you're a digital artist and looking for a new pen tablet, Xencelabs is definitely a great option to consider. 


The Xenclabs Pen Tablet Bundle SE (White) is $379.99!

You can see more information and buy it on

Xencelabs official website:


Purchase it here:




My Room - 20  By Razaras

Painting on Xencelabs Medium Bundle SE

My Room-20 Razaras x Xencelabs-.jpg
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